Forty Wonderful Years

Made for a challenge entitled “Art Deco”, Chris challenged herself to use a copper color metallic spandex fabric along with a black woven cotton. The spandex was quite a challenge to work with, but when the light reflects off the quilting in the metallic areas, it was all worthwhile.

The monogram in the center of the quilt was stitched in honor of Chris and Mike’s 40th wedding anniversary. On their first date he traced their initials in the sand on the shores of Lake Michigan, so 40 years later she returned the favor.

The “Art Deco” quilts won second place in the 2016 Ultimate Guild Challenge competition at the AQS show in Grand Rapids!

How Beautiful – Liberty

This quilt is the third in Chris’ Accordion Door series in which three separate quilts are made, the first two are sliced into 4″ wide strips and sewn together alternating with each other. This piece is then hung on the third quilt, accordion door style, through the magic of Velcro™. It is rather unusual when viewed straight on:


but from the left a Mariner’s Compass/New York Beauty quilt is visible,how-beautiful-liberty-full-left-kirsch-web and the true New York Beauty is seen from the right. This is all surrounded by a quote from the Declaration of Independence.

A Viewer’s Choice winner at the 2016 Prairie Heritage Quilt Show in Sun Prairie, WI


Golden Dusk

Another challenge quilt – this one with the theme of “Black and White Plus One”. The background is a pointillism fabric, silhouetted with black.



Which Way Does the Wind Blow?

Made using the same tree pattern  as in Golden Dusk. This time many leaves are falling with the breeze, and a number of them have been pieced into Mariner’s Compasses.

Chris is fascinated with this tree and is looking forward to experimenting with this pattern more.

Czech Aurora

Inspired by the button at the center of the quilt, it was made using raw-edge/fussy-cut appliqué, paint-stik stenciling and beading.


Chris Kirsch, Dresden Plate, Watertown, WI

Dresden Plate Glass Window

An original variation of the traditional Dresden Plate block. Chris made this for the National Quilt Museum’s “New Quilts From An Old Favorite” contest and she challenged herself to use only two fabrics (black and a multicolor batik).

Her fussy cutting and heavy machine quilting created a dramatic look of a stained glass window. And, she was one of 18 winners in the competition!


God is Light and in Him is No Darkness at All

Chris used the drafting technique from her book, Compass Capers, to create this Mariner’s Compass variation quilt.

It is part of her “Crossings” series. The quilt was made in quarters which were re-attached to each other with beads. She feels the beads cross the gap, and hold the broken pieces of her quilt together as her faith in Christ holds the broken pieces of her life together.

Chris Kirsch, fiber artist, Watertown, WI

Alaskan Daydreams

The twelfth quilt in Chris’ Parallelisms series, it  was begun on a Sew-We-Go cruise in Alaska.


Compass capers quilt

Compass Craze

Another Mariner’s Compass variation from Chris’ book, This one uses value to create a three-dimensional effect, and bright colors – just for fun!

cherry basket quilt

Cherry Baskets

Made from Chris’ collection of cherry fabrics (Kirsch is German for cherries!), and inspired by a cherry basket block pattern from a vintage quilt. Chris placed these all in a three-dimensional set and added a lot of fun free motion quilting.

Chris Kirsch, otterly immersed in quilting

Otterly Immersed in Art Quilts!

No, Chris doesn’t look like an otter:-) But she does love to read in the bathtub every evening while envisioning her next fiber art creation. Thus, this is her “Self Portrait of the Artist As An Animal”.


Vanishing Point

Inspired by a challenge entitled “On Point,” the theme of the quilt was required to have something to do with the word “point”. It also needed to look as if one square is set, on point, on top of another.

Flying Goslings

One of Chris’ first miniature quilts – it was made to fit a very small doll bed purchased in an antique store in central Wisconsin. the quilt measures 1 3/4″ x 2″ and is hand-quilted.

Chris Kirsch, quilter, Watertown, WI


A New Year’s resolution to make a quilt for the sheer joy of playing with color and design was the impetus for this piece. A simple fusing technique was developed and Chris’ inner creative child was allowed to run truly free for the first time! For more information on this technique, please check out her book “Where Do I Start With Fiber Art?”

Chris Kirsch, log cabin quilt, Watertown, WI

Here’s where the magic happens!

Chris’ rendering of her log home done in Repliqué.